No. You use Prestige Flowers for as long as you want without worrying about contracts, deposits or monthly fees.
Absolutely! All we are is a website that allows you to send and receive orders. Just remember though that with a commission of 25% on every order we offer an extremely competitive rate.
Absolutely. We provide all our florists with full access to our promotional materials and images. Additionally we offer special seasonal ranges for events such as Valentine's Day and Mother's Day to ensure seasonal flowers are always available.
When a customer orders a bouquet for delivery in your area our system will automatically allocate this order to you. If you can fulfil the order you must Accept this within the order system and Confirm Delivery once you have delivered the product. Similarly if you can’t fulfil it you must Reject the order as soon as possible.

At the start of each month an invoice will be automatically generated based on the number of confirmed deliveries and you will be paid via direct bank transfer.
Yes. Once you have told us you are ready to receive orders and your account has been set to live you will automatically be sent any orders that are within the radius you have told us you are happy to deliver to. In cases of overlapping boundaries the closest florist will receive the order automatically.
No. We appreciate sometimes your workload might be too high for you to fulfil an order or you are unavailable for whatever reason. All we ask is that if you are unable to fulfil an order you inform us as soon as possible so that we can make alternative delivery arrangements.
When you receive an order we will automatically send you an email and SMS text message. The email will be sent at any hour of the day to give you an exact reference as to when the order was sent.

The SMS text message will only be sent to you between 9am and 5pm to ensure we don't wake you up in the middle of the night for example. Any messages received after 5pm will be sent out the following morning at 9am to ensure you receive notifications.

Both these notification services are provided free of charge to all our florists.

We also recommend regularly checking our order system to ensure that our notification system hasn't missed anything as this will always show the most up to date information.
We understand that you may not stock all the flowers we sell everyday. If you don't have a specific species it may be replaced with a variety of equal or greater value.
If an order is displayed containing orange Gerberas but you only have yellow gerberas in stock then this is considered a suitable substitution. Equally if you have no gerberas at all but you do have daisies in stock that are of a similar colour and size to the gerberas shown then we also consider this a suitable substitution.

Foliage is never considered a suitable substitution, nor are cheap flowers. We always want to present a premium level product that must be fit for purpose and delivered by the specified date. If you are ever unsure of anything please check with us first so that we can best advise how to proceed.
We never guarantee a delivery time to our customers with the exception of funeral flowers. Funeral flowers must be delivered at the time the customer requested for obvious reasons.

If a customer pays you a premium for a guaranteed delivery time you need to advise them that we always make delivery between 9am – 5pm, however during peak times such as Mother's day and Valentine's day these hours may be extended.
Every time you send an order through to Prestige Flowers we will automatically deduct 25% from the order total. For example you receive an order for £30, when you send the order to us we will charge you £22.50 leaving you with your £7.50 commission.
We have no membership or subscription fees attached to our network. However if we send more than 5 orders to you in any given month we charge a one off £10 admin fee for that month. If we send less than 5 orders to you this fee is not applicable.
We pay all our florists around the 20th of each month for the previous month. This means that we need all delivered orders confirming before the end of each month so that our system can build your invoice automatically ready for payment. We also ask our Florists to ensure that they keep us informed of any payment changes such as when owners change hands or you switch banks to ensure we can pay you promptly every month via a direct bank transfer.
All of our florist friends can benefit from a 25% discount on most of our flower and hamper products online at both and What this means is when you place an order on our site you will have 25% deducted from the order total when you pay us.
So if you have a customer that orders a £100 hamper we will only charge you £75 meaning you would earn a £25 commission. This allows you to earn an additional income on top of your usual local trade by offering UK wide flower and hamper delivery with no hidden costs to you.